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Looks like that in the UK, job seekers rather start their job search directly on job boards than with Google. Maybe they type their favourite job board’s name in Google? You better make sure that your job board’s brand is known out there!

Extract from CV-Library’s latest findings:

Recruiters! Ever wondered what your candidates really want?

CV-Library polled 2,400 active job hunters from a variety of demographic groups across the UK, in a bid to answer top recruiting questions such as; ‘why am I having a problem getting through to candidates?’ and ‘how can I improve my job adverts?’

Questions were split into three categories, pertaining to what candidates want from recruiters, their job hunt and the interview process itself.

The survey aimed to provide an honest insight into the needs of the UK’s job hunting population. Read on for some of the most revealing findings!

First things first

When asked about their method of choice to begin a job search, 35% of candidates said they would initially look on a job board.

This is almost double the number whose first port of call is to contact recruiters (18%). Statistics show that by integrating the use of a job board into their recruitment repertoire, recruiters are more likely to find candidates earlier on in their job search.

They’ve gone mobile, have you?

The survey also found that majority of candidates like to have the option of searching and applying for jobs on the move.

55.5% of those polled use a job hunting mobile app or would consider doing so in the future. With today’s working population often time-poor, job hunting can be a productive way to spend those precious moments on a commute.

It is no longer necessary to endure evenings and weekends hunched over a computer writing cover letters.

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