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Today’s recruiting environment is far too competitive for these so-called technologies to suffice.

With exceptional talent at a premium, shifting candidate motivations, diminished employee engagement and employees’ willingness to leave a job at any time for a better opportunity, recruiters need fast-paced, truly high-tech tools that can keep pace with the velocity of today’s hiring market.

The silver lining to all of this is the fact that we do have the advantage of far more data at our disposal than ever before.

Not just in online resumes, professional profiles and job boards, but also in social media, blogs and other contextual sources that can give us a more accurate and holistic picture of a candidate before we even make initial contact.

In fact, it’s a deluge of data. And, the explosion of sources is only going to increase. How can you both keep your head above water and capitalize on this tremendous opportunity?

Landing the best candidates in the Era of Big Data requires hi-tech tools that can match the speed and scale of the opportunity. Here’s are five to get you started:

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