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From the JobBoarders Blog:

So get this… SimplyHired wants our unique content from our Job Boards (Postings that we are going out and earning the old fashioned way) to be fed into database – AND THEN – wants to charge me for giving it to them… der… yop yop yop! Ok?!

That’s like, a DirecTV technician paying me to let them install their system in my house…

I’m sorry SimplyHired, you are simply not good enough for me to fall for that one. You want my content? Pay ME for it!

I think its about time the backbone of the Job Board Community (we „Middle Class“ Niche Board Owners) stand together! We are working our tails off trying to literally carve out our respective Niche and the big dawgs like SimplyHired, and others sit back, benefiting from our hard work and force our community to follow the rules and language they deem are important.

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