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„South Africa’s unemployment rate hovers somewhere above the 20% mark with almost half of that number consisting of the country’s youth.

A new startup, called Giraffe, hopes to change these figures after just launching a mobile technology that connects medium-skilled jobseekers with opportunities.

The company notes that one of the most expensive and time consuming aspects of finding a job is costly public transport and limited access to computers. Fortunately though, South Africa does have heaps of phones that — with the help of platforms like Giraffe’s — can be used to find a job.

“Although PC penetration is relatively low in South Africa, mobile penetration is more than 100% — on par with the developed world,” said Shafin Anwarsha, Head of Product at Giraffe. “This means that we can harness the ubiquity of mobile to empower jobseekers with better access to opportunities.”

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