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We’ll see but it looks promising. However, how do they make money? From job boards they aggregate? How much qualified traffic will they generate for them? And how will they muster the critical mass of job seekers / applicants to make this happen?

I hope, we’ll have some answers soon.

Techcrunch has this:

Jobs sites are incredibly dull and boring. More often that not they are full of old or irrelevant jobs, presented in old fashioned interfaces. What is to be done? Jobspotting thinks it has the answer. Launching in the UK and Germany today (other territories are planned), this is a site and iOS app which essentially puts a modern search interface on top of results from third-party recruitment sites, and tries to learn your preferences via its algorithm.

You connect your Linkedin account and set up a relevant search which trains their algorithm to look for the right kind of jobs.

Jobspotting pulls in jobs from over 20 job boards, including Xing, Monster, StepStone, Angellist, and London Startup Jobs. Currently it’s limited to focuses on Marketing and IT jobs, but plans to expand. It also offers company profiles.

But Jobspotting has its work cut out. Its main competitor is which bills itself as a “Google for jobs”. Indeed launched in 2012 (note: that’s wrong, indeed launched in 2004 and got acquired in 2012 by Recruit)) and received $5M in a Series A funding round from The New York Times, Allen & Company and Union Square Ventures. It was later acquired by one the largest staffing companies in the world, Recruit Co out of Japan, and is now publicly listed.

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