Seite auswählen is ramping up its push into the global Spanish-speaking market, acquiring the assets of Spain’s Projectlinkr online freelancer marketplace for an undisclosed amount.

Like the Australian-based Freelancer, Projectlinkr operates an online marketplace connecting freelancers with small and medium-sized enterprises on jobs in a variety of sectors, including IT, engineering, consulting, and communications.

Freelancer Limited, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), told shareholders on Tuesday that the assets it has taken on in the Projectlinkr acquisition includes the Spanish company’s community of more than 140,000 registered freelancers.

The move is part of Freelancer’s push to expand into „each and every language worldwide“.

The company told shareholders that the growth it has seen over the past two years in both Spain and Latin America would now be increased by the Spanish-speaking users in Projectlinkr’s network.

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