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From „The JobBoarders“ Blog:

Who loves the “next big thing?” I’m so tired of hearing about mobile, cloud, big data.

And yet… it’s true these have all had a profound influence on us. So what’s the next “big thing?” I’d argue it’s the On-Demand Economy and it’s coming, fast.

Uber launched its first car service five years ago with a few cars in San Francisco. Today it has a valuation of $41.2 billion. Let me pause a moment for that to sink in.

It’s not a typo – that’s billions of dollars. For a point of comparison, that’s higher than Delta Airlines,, or Kraft Foods. The combined market cap of the three largest global staffing companies—Adecco, Randstad, and Manpower—is $25 billion.

Now another critical point: Uber’s total addressable market for car services is $11B. If car service domination is their ultimate objective, the math doesn’t work. So what’s going on?

To figure this out, first let’s look at what they’re actually doing: matching a job that needs to be done (someone needs a ride) with someone who will do the job (driver willing to provide the ride).

Matching a job that needs to be done with someone who will do the job. Does that sound like something we do?

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